Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick with Floating

Desiring to be better is a natural thing. People want to be better by making small changes or large changes to their lives. That’s one reason why making resolutions to ring in a new year feels like a cultural rite of passage in modern society. Sticking to ┬áresolutions as time goes on is a problem. It is easy to let the stress and fast pace of everyday life interfere with reaching these worthy goals. We soon forget why we made resolutions like losing weight or quitting smoking in the first place and get derailed from keeping those goals. A promise is made to do better when another new year arrives and the cycle begins anew. Floating can be a powerful tool in breaking the cycle of unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions. When a person spends time floating in an isolation tank, they can harness the mental energy they need to make changes at a subconscious level. A person can be influenced in their action by subconscious thoughts. Floating in an isolation tank lets you build a bridge to your subconscious self. You can explore deeper thoughts and feelings that might be acting as an obstacle to keeping resolutions and change those things so they no longer hinder your personal happiness. The human mind is a powerful thing. How a person thinks and feels can mold their actions more than anything else. That’s why floating should always be a key ingredient in the self-improvement recipe. Floating can enhance the power of new year’s resolutions. Take time to break the cycle of broken resolutions by spending time in an isolation tank this year.