Answers to Common Floating Questions

The major obstacle keeping people from enjoying the benefits of floating is simply a lack of information. They are unaware of how safe and healthy floating can be for the human body. No one should miss out on spending quality time in an isolation tank.

It is time to set the record straight and offer up some helpful answers to common floating questions –

Q: How clean is the water in the tanks?

A: Up to 1000 pounds of Epsom salt is dissolved into the water in a typical flotation tank. This is enough to prevent the growth and spread of microbes and bacteria. Water used in floating is filtered out and sterilized after each floating session before being reintroduced into the tank. Epsom salt is the perfect antiseptic and it makes a isolation tank cleaner than the average swimming pool or hot tub.

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Q:  Is the tank dark inside?

Isolation tanks are designed to provide an environment where a person can relieve stress through relaxation or meditation. Blocking out light helps the body to block outside distractions and reach a true relaxation point. Some people who feel nervous or scared in darkness can prop open the door to their tank with a towel to permit some sunlight to enter. Many tanks also feature a soft light below the water.

Q: Is there any danger of drowning?

No one should ever be afraid they will drown while inside an isolation tank. The high quantity of salt makes a person float on top of the water and stings the eyes when it comes in contact with their face. A typical flotation tank is filled with about 10.5 inches of water. It serves as a tool to relax the muscles and let a person float peacefully while meditating or relaxing.

Q: Who can float?

Flotation tanks are designed for people who are a variety of shapes, sizes and ages. It poses no danger to anyone, expect people with severe medical conditions. If you have a chronic disease or are pregnant, you should contact a physician before floating. Otherwise, hop in and enjoy.