Control through floating

Floating opens many doors to the subconscious world. Once inside an isolation tank, many people see images and experience feelings of an inner self that they never knew existed. They can learn how to harness their senses and channel positive energy where it is needed.

Is the impact of floating limited to the subconscious mind? Not at all.

The human brain possesses the ability to exercise conscious control over every cell in the body. There is no such thing as an involuntary action. Through the process of biofeedback, we can control blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, the release of key hormones and the nervous system.

Biofeedback allows a person to heal themselves by focusing at the cellular level. They can make a single subtle change in cells that can have a ripple effect throughout the entire body. Better health and greater happiness is within reach as a direct result of this conscious control.

This sort of control can be enhanced through regular sessions in an isolation tank. It enhances a person’s ability to concentrate on the smallest details.

Floating shuts off the external environment and enhances every physical sensation inside the tank. With the elimination of any outside distraction, it becomes a simple matter to enter a state of deep relaxation and focus on any single part of the body.

Inside the tank or outside of it, floating offers an experience that lasts beyond the session itself. It can change everything about your body – including your control over it.