Floating helps our planet

Going green does not need to be limited to physical actions alone. Recycling cuts down on garbage. Riding a bicycle to work instead of driving your car reduces dangerous emissions. These things are just a beginning to being at one with the environment.

You need to be green on the inside before you are green on the outside. Attitude directs behavior. A person must gain a concern for their environment in their hearts to motivate themselves to protect it in their own portion of the world.

Where does floating fit into this picture? Spending time in an isolation tank can foster this fundamental shift inside our brains.

Floating gives us time to reflect. Our thoughts are revealed as we delve deeper in the subconscious mind. It is like peeling off a new layer on an onion and discarding the old layer. We see what really matters to us. And we get a better perspective on what is important on a universal scale.

When people float, it inspires them to cast away stress and fear. They embrace a more relaxed attitude. They are more calm in the face of problems and produce solutions that help themselves and others.

Creativity and optimism come alive in this mental environment. People work to improve their lives and the lives of others. They care about the future and the selfishness of the present no longer seems as important as it once did.

Taking care of the environment is a natural outgrowth of these new attitudes and desires. A healthier planet begins with a healthier human race. Floating can help people take those first few steps forward in the right direction.