Floating into beauty

It’s no secret that floating inside an isolation tank makes you feel better. Can spending time there also make you look better?

The simple answer is yes. Floating can be a fountain of youth. It works better than applying facial masks and creams to recapture a younger and healthier looking face.

Stress can age a person prematurely. The tension it creates in the muscles and joints doesn’t just result in stiffness and pain. It can also cause facial muscles to tighten and wrinkles to form on the forehead and around the eyes.

Only a short time passes before stress takes a visible toll. The skin’s surface is covered with wrinkles. Visible aging only adds to stress. This in turn increases aging. It all turns into a vicious cycle that becomes nearly impossible to break.

Floating in a float tank is the best antidote to stress and premature aging. The tranquility inside the tank relaxes the tightened facial muscles. It doesn’t take long before the skin looks and feels smooth again.

People can take several years off their appearance after a few sessions. They feel more attractive and are much more energetic. This leads to increased confidence and makes it tougher for stress to come back and attack again.

Beauty may only be skin deep. Still, there’s nothing wrong with making your skin look as good as you want it to look. Floating is a good tool for realizing that goal.