flotation tank for sale?

Many people ask me if I know a place to buy a used float tank. To be honest this is exactly what I was doing before I built mine. I was running into a few problems.

flotation tank for sale


First: Tanks are so EXPENSIVE! I was looking at really old tanks and they were wanting upwards of $4,000. I couldn’t see myself spending that much for an old tank.


Second: Even if I found a deal where was I going to put it? Many tanks can’t be disassembled and moved into my home, so I was forced to use it in my garage. Didn’t sound private or ideal.

expensive to ship float tank isolation tank

Third: Shipping was EXPENSIVE! not only was it heavy, it was large. Just the dimensions alone made it expensive to ship.


I finally had to give up on the “buying a float tank” idea, and look down a new road. I had to build one… in my basement spare bedroom. Luckily I had experience in building and creating so I gave it a good shot and documented my work. To be honest I spent months designing it in my head, and another month building and troubleshooting. It was expensive and time consuming.

Don’t go through the same learning curve I did. I offer my plans for $24, and it should save you $100’s in errors. Here’s the link to buy the plans.


So if you’re looking for a flotation tank for sale or isolation tank for sale.. etc. Don’t bother. Build your own!