Is Floating Safe?

Floating is an experience that requires a prepared mind.

A first-time floater is bound to encounter thoughts, feelings and images that feel foreign in the beginning. These things may be part of the subconscious mind, but that does not mean they are familiar. It also means they could feel threatening or scary at first glance.

One important rule to remember about floating in an isolation tank is that you are in control. Nothing that arises from your senses inside the tank has the power to harm you or control you.

People new to floating benefit even more from their session when they prepare for the experience. That means going in with an open mind and eliminating negative energy. Floating can only be therapeutic when you let your body and mind soak in the experience.

Fear has no place in floating. If you have phobias involving darkness or enclosed spaces, arrangements can be made to let in more light or leave open the door. There is no reason to be sacred away from floating by deep-seeded fears.

Inside the tank, it can be scary for a moment when you feel weightless. It is not a strange sensation. Your body is still there. It has simply relaxed. Your mind must relax at the same time to get the full benefit of what goes on inside the tank.

Trust the power of floating. Replace fear with positive energy. Negative emotions can build up through daily living. The isolation tank is designed to clear them out like weeds from a garden.

Floating is perfectly safe for your mind and body. Once you let go of your fears and enter a complete state of relaxation, you will never have reason to feel anything but safe.