Meditation and the Five Senses

your five senses in an isolation tank

    Our senses define the world around us to our mind. How we perceive any person, place or object is colored by how our senses react to those things. We are guided through sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.
     Meditation inside an isolation tank should be focused on moving beyond what the five senses offer to a completely different plane. You want to open your mind and expand beyond the limitations imposed by those senses. This makes it easier to free yourself from whatever burdens are weighing you down physically, mentally and emotionally.

    An isolation tank enhances the meditation experience because it lets you block out interference from the outside world. The sights, sounds, feelings and other sensations that you experience are the ones your mind releases while you float there in the water. It soothes body and soul. It also lets you make discoveries about yourself that normally do not penetrate the wall separating your conscious and unconscious mind.

    Inside your isolation tank, you can do exercises to focus your mind and achieve a deep state of meditation. Close your eyes and let your mind wander. When an image surfaces in your mind, focus on that image. What do you see? What do you hear? Can you touch anything? What does it feel like when you touch it? Exploring your mind lets you become unburdened and feel like a new person when you leave the isolation tank.Free thoughts in float tank

    Many people embrace the opportunity to spend time in an isolation tank because it offers a quiet refuge from the outside world. The benefits of meditation to your mind, body and soul extend far beyond a single session.

Sometimes taking a step forward in your world requires withdrawing from it for a short time.