Surviving between floating sessions

Frequent floating in an isolation tank does a body good. The feeling of peace and serenity you feel during each session is unparalleled. It isn’t practical to live in an isolation tank though. Regular floating sessions carry a time limit and the effects wear off eventually.

So what do you do if you need a pick-me up in-between sessions? How do you recapture those positive feelings in moment where the pressures of everyday life seem to be a little overwhelming?

The short answer is you find ways to recreate the floating experience outside the isolation tank. It isn’t likely you can schedule a floating session each day, but that does not mean you need to undo all of the progress you made in those sessions.

At the end of a tough day, for example, you can retire to bed a half-hour before your usual sleep time. Floaters reduce stress when they lie peacefully in the salt water and let their body relax as it floats on the water’s surface. You can replicate that experience to a degree by lying in your bed, blocking out noise and light as much as possible and meditating like you are lying in the tank. The weightlessness of floating is not there, but it can help you center your thoughts and feel more at peace.

Thinking about your last session can also be helpful. In a stressful moment, just take a couple of minutes and think back to the isolation tank. Recall the peace and serenity you felt. Think about images that passed through your mind. It can give clarity to the moment and help you realize the problems in front of you are not so insurmountable after all. It can help calm the storms of life and supercharge you with new found energy.

These techniques are meant to be quick fixes until your next floating session. It is a turbulent world – full of stress, heartache, responsibility and fear. That’s why you should always make spending time in an isolation tank a priority. It is the best cure for keeping the daily grind from grinding you down.