Why is Floating Relaxing?

Many people are drawn to floating because it sounds relaxing. Once inside an isolation tank, they realize that it indeed does feel relaxing.

Why does lying on top of dense saltwater wash away all traces of stress and anxiety? The simple answer is that floating acts like a light switch. You can turn off the pressures of the outside world and turn on the peace that comes from exploring your inner self.

One factor is the environment inside the isolation tank itself. When you are inside the tank, you no longer feel weighed down by gravity. The saltwater makes floatation possible and leaves you resting on top of the water instead of in it. It isn’t exactly like kicking it in outer space in a space shuttle. Still, it is the closest thing to a zero gravity environment that most people will experience in their lifetimes.

The human brain undergoes significant changes inside the floatation tank. It releases powerful endorphins. These natural chemicals reduce pain and enhance a person’s mood. They feel better about everything. It allows healing to begin on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

When a person enters the state where this sort of healing can begin, this naturally makes them feel more relaxed. They are free from their normal lives – even if it is only the blink of an eye on the cosmic timescale.

Floating is good for the body and soul because it is so relaxing to both parts.